Crew gets me in and out quickly. Christy is very professional and helpful. Bobby follows up with me and makes sure my hearing aids are at the best level. Service after the sale makes for a good experience. Having a good and knowledgeable audiologist makes the difference weather you are comfortable wearing your device or not. Starting out the first time you get hearing aids is a process that will take a little time. You have to get used to hearing things you probably haven’t heard in a long time. Bobby will give you a little more volume at a time until you’re mind works up to hearing these new sounds. Hearing aids have really helped me feel connected.
Ernest Sorensen, on Google
Very knowledgeable, professional and accommodating! I was particularly pleased by their safety precautions I have been a client for more than 8 years. Always a pleasant experience!
Suzanne Payne, on Google
I took my 83 year old Mom, who has profound hearing loss to be evaluated. Her testing was done with the utmost dignity and respect. He was honest and forthright with her. The treatment plan was given to suit her needs to help her with the quality of life she needs and deserves. She is very excited at the prospect of being able to hear all that goes around in her world. Working with her on an individual plan that will make her feel comfortable with her new hearing aids. We all understand that this is a process moving forward and are very excited to not have to shout at her every time we have a conversation. We both left the appointment feeling hopeful for the days to come.
Alice Tepper, on Google
The staff are really helpful. I just think they ought to work one office regularly in place closing so much I just think they would be a little more accommodating if the would work the offices more day of the week but there’s a gentleman at the downtown office that has gone out of his way to help my husband to hear
Viree Sweat, on Google
We always receive excellent care from Bobby and Christy, but today was above and beyond! My husband is in a rehab facility and experienced trouble with both hearing aides and their connection to his phone. In a matter of two hours, he was hearing (and smiling) again! We are so appreciative of their concern and assistance in resolving this problem quickly!
Carol Faulkner, on Google

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